Brian Stupski

Brian StupskiThe product of a car-crazy family, I was doomed to have a life that involved the automobile from the get-go. The black sheep Mopar nut in a Tri-Five Chevy household, I was forced to wear my Super Bee t-shirts behind closed doors, and bust out the Hemi orange underwear when everyone else was out. It was a weird childhood.

Having a passion for architecture and design, I managed to cross those interests with my love for all things automotive, and began working toward a career in the Automotive Design and Engineering fields with dreams of being the next Virgil Exner, or failing that, Harley Earl to keep the family happy. As most things in life go, things happen, and I found myself in the Fine Art Department in College, working my way through in collision shops and nights in the Parts Department, applying my experience from years of working for my Dad. These two jobs would build the hands-on knowledge to become a better designer, having an understanding of how things are constructed, parts crossover and a brain loaded with part numbers.

I’ve been fortunate to work as a self-employed Hot Rod Designer, working with some of the top shops in the world, on some opt the most ground-breaking projects, and arriving at a point in my life and career where I call childhood heroes of mine good friends. I’ve also enjoyed the good fortune to be able to write about my passion for cars in magazines, blogs, and even for the Chrysler Corporation.

Looking toward the future, I’m working to finish my book on designing hot rods and custom cars, launch a podcast, and working with a team of great friends to produce a series of videos featuring some incredibly talented builders. I hope to bring my love for design and “never say die” work ethic to the next generation of designers and artists, and hopefully inspire them to chase that dream, and carve their own niche in this exciting and dynamic industry.

Having an interest in nearly anything automotive-related (and really enjoying the process of writing), I hope to bring a wide scope of articles and features to the already wide net cast by Drive Kulture. And, being an industry insider, I hope to share a few sneak peeks at cool projects, interviews and visits behind closed doors. My hope is to shine some light into the dark recesses and get inside of the creative process, and follow a few cars from the drawing board to the street. While the automobile has a magical effect on people, there’s a whole bunch of trickery that goes on to make these magic acts happen, and seeing the process really serves to inspire (unlike knowing how your crazy Uncle managed to pull loose change from your ears).



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