McLaren GT refines a monster in 650S GT3

McLaren’s outgoing 12C GT3 – winner of three championship titles and 51 races over the last three years – is set to be replaced by the latest incarnation of the companies 650S, unveiled yesterday at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The specs roughly match the former 12C GT3, an upgraded 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 fitted to a new six-speed sequential gearbox slinging about 500 horsepower; but where the 650S GT3 is in how it’s matured into a better car. The new 650S GT3 features improved aero and cooling with enhanced driver safety and comfort. Not to mention a 52mm wider track with new wheels, Pirelli P Zero tyres and brakes that should define what true stance is all about.



The cockpit has been thoroughly reworked for drivers: McLaren took feedback from their 12C GT3 drivers and improved leg and head room by redesigning the rollcage and seat, and included a Formula 1 style steering wheel and new pedals.


Current 12C GT3 drivers have the option to reap the benefits of these refinements, too. McLaren is offering an upgrade package allowing existing 12C GT3s to continue racing competitively. Of course, they can also pony up the cash for the new one.



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