A New Vision for Aston Martin

“You wouldn’t download a car,” would you?

Aston Martin took the covers off their new mid-engined V12 supercar today at Goodwood Festival of Speed. However, unlike the rest of their line-up, it doesn’t physically exist. The specs list a twin-turbo, mid-engine powerplant with 800 dhp* at the ready as a purely digital dose of adrenaline, for now.

The DP-100 Vision is available for download in Gran Turismo 6 in July 2014 to your PlayStation. While it may be the closest experience you ever have of this car, Aston Martin speculates that aspects of the car may see life in it’s production vehicles.

Even if the DP-100 is just a series of artfully crafted 1s and 0s, we love the idea of car manufacturers pushing the limits of design prototyping through this medium. Hopefully Aston will follow through on their new vision.


* dhp = “digital horse power”

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