Top 5 Ugly performance cars

Lotus Europa

We at DriveKulture love cars that are beautiful, and we love cars that are fast. We also recognize that sometimes these two properties don’t always coincide. We put together a list that says, “Not all fast cars can be beautiful, and not all ugly cars can be that fast”, or…something like that. Let’s start with this:

CTS-V Coupe

We all agree that the CTS-V sedan is a great looking 4-door with performance to match. The Coupe version, however is a little lacking in the looks department. The rear end looks like it’s over-compensating for something, and we just can’t get past it.

Ford Mustang II Cobra II

Ahh, the Mustang II. This was Ford’s way to try and pawn off a gussied-up Pinto as a performance car. What’s worse is that they got Shelby involved, and put the Cobra name one it. We’re sure Shelby refused at first, and then said, “Since we all know this is a step below a real Mustang, you gotta call it a step below a Cobra, too.” And so, was born, the Ford Mustang II Cobra II. Neither beautiful, nor fast.

Lotus Europa

The Lotus Europa. I’m sure it’s a blast to drive, as most Lotuses are. The interesting thing about this car is that it was conceived as a bid for Ford’s entry into Le Mans. Colin Chapman wanted it to be called a Lotus, and Henry Ford II insisted it be called a Ford. So the contract went to Lola. But we digress. The car wasn’t particularly quick (0-60 in 9.3 seconds), but apparently handled like a Formula car of the day. We haven’t driven one, but can’t imagine owning a car that only handles great.

Ferrari Enzo

The Enzo: For its time, it was one of the fastest, most technologically advanced cars available. It was also very special, being an “F” car meant that it was the fastest road-going Ferrari money could buy. And it was a lot of money. $650,000 was the sticker price, but people readily paid twice that amount. They must have gotten caught up in the hype, and maybe the performance. It always looks funny when a manufacturer tries to integrate the look of a Formula 1 car into the nose of a road car. It just doesn’t work. One guy, James Glickenhaus, had the good sense (and the money) to buy an Enzo and have it re-bodied by Pininfarina in a tribute to the Ferrari P330 race car. But we digress. Again. While we’re sure The Enzo is a blast to drive, and even gets tons of looks, it just doesn’t do it for us.


The Mitsuoka Orochi is something on an entirely different level…Of ugly. It supposed to have been conceived in tribute of a mythical 8-headed dragon. That’s great, but it looks like a four-eyed fish. It has a Toyota V-6 making 233HP, so it’s probably as fast as the Mustang II Cobra II. But uglier. While we know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they have to deal with ours when they put this thing on the road. If you guys agree or disagree, or have some suggestions of your own for this list, let us know in the comments!

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